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Andrea Buttner @ Holybush Gardens

All the work in this exhibition was based  on “littleness” as described in the blurb. (A variation on minimalism one might suggest):  A slide show of moss pictures. A recording of a silent quaker prayer meeting. A number of plain grey fabric canvases surrounding the walls. The works didn’t gell together at all. i didn’t know if they were supposed to work together or separately, i thought one was part of another. Some of it i didn’t realise was work until after i read the press release. The artist set out to capture littleness and i think they succeeded. But it left me cold.

I did however enjoy an edition of “the corner” which was also hung for some reason. I saw a different version of it last year at Frieze and this  does very well what i think andrea sets out to achieve generally, which is minimalism with emotional impact. So in the end i was happy went.