Sarah Lucas “Situation” @ Sadie Coles

Sarah Lucas is putting on a series of exhibitions in the upper rooms of the New Burlington street gallery. Featuring recent and historical works. She is responding to the environment and the space, hence the title “situation”.

Lucas’s work has been consistent in it’s concept and ability to garner controversy since the 1990’s ; Euphemistic, tactile and emblematic in reference to the body and gender roles. While i was there a precession of well educated yummy mummies passed through dragging their kids with them. A risky manoeuvre in my opinion, far too much explaining to do.

The exhibition transmitted a gentle luridness. It’s sculpture you want to touch, but if you did you might feel a bit guilty afterwards, something akin to a post onanistic indulgence. So i didn’t touch it because one, I didn’t fancy an in gallery libido crash, and two, the gallery assistant was watching.

What made the exhibition exciting for me was the space in which it was hosted. Off the beaten track, it was an intimate, treasure hunt experience. leaving me with a “i’ve found a secret place” feeling.

Lucas’s work still has impact. It’s evident that she continues to influence new artists and the contemporary scene in general.

Runs throughout 2012.

Sarah Lucas @ Sadie Coles