Makiko Kudo @ Wilkinson

What’s going on with Britain? The Economy’s going to hell in a handcart, the government is on a cutting spree and Gorgeous Galloway has managed to blag a seat in parliament. In the current atmosphere of disillusionment and all those other depressing things, people need a little escapism. Especially young people who don’t have a job or much to look forward to, they aren’t interested in the realities of politics or current affairs. They want to disappear deep into online worlds where they can act out a more interesting life.

This sentiment is in someways captured by Makiko Kudo’s oil painting’s, although she may not be aware of the UK’s socio-political climate. They are an interesting correlation of modern anime,  computer game context, fauvist colour palette and impressionist form. From a distance they may seem like any standard japanese graphic novel but upon closer inspection you will be able to experience the lush textured brushwork and loose gestural application of vividly coloured of paint.

Most fantasy cartoon worlds normally contain an optimistic happy character searching actively for their destiny. But in these paintings the main characters play a much more passive role. Seemingly bereft and directionless they are at the mercy of their surroundings. It’s a bit like  reading a obscure japanese manga comic whilst listening to The Smiths.

But to be clear these canvases are not comics.  They are emotionally rich, beautiful to look at and pack quite a punch. I’d definitely like one on my wall (if i had a wall big enough)