Abigail Box @ Degree Art

Apparently there are 5 things that you need to do to make your Youtube video go viral:

1. Music

2. Surprise

3. Cuteness

4. Boobs

5. Humour

And anything with a cat in. I’m a sucker for a video with a cat in. A grown man that can’t help but go all gooey eyed at a puss, *Awww look how cute it is.*

So on purpose or not (you decide) graduating painter Abigal Box has ticked around three (depending on your opinion) of these viral requirements when putting together her new paintings.

Tigers (cute) on Sofas (funny) in urban surroundings (surprising. Well sort of.)

Looking at all the red dots and the price of the canvases, it’s good news for Abigail. But i wonder, has she’s done herself any favours? Would a serious collector pick up her work after seeing these pictures?  I don’t think i would. Should the gallery be advising her on stuff like this? She’s a pretty good painter, she could do alright.

But then who am i to argue with 13 million people:


*Goes back to watch Maru the cat for the 20th time*

Runs Till 27th April.