Deptford X Festival

I’ve been attending an evening course at CSM recently and the tutor Sarah Sparkes recommend this festival to everyone, so a few of us went down to have a look.

Hew Locke – Gold standard

With 6 main exhibitions and over 30 fringe events it demonstrated South London’s considerable influence on the UK art scene. In addition to the fringe shows there were a number of open studios which was nice for the nosy people amongst us (me).

A couple of works caught my eye:

I really enjoyed the work of Wayne Lucas at the Blank Promiscuity exhibition. He had painted moss covered reclaimed pavement slabs in a deep crimson and engaged them in a precarious balancing act with a crystal decanter. The slabs looked as if they had been dipped in blood. Sculpture with an intensity of colour that would rival Rothko. Incredible.

Another great work was by Gareth Long. A two frame animated gif involving a perpetually anxious looking daffy duck. The artist was responding to the curator Paul’O Neil’s exhibition theme “Last Day” at the Old Police Station. Watching Daffy contemplating the futility of life was hilarious and moving at the same time.

Well organised and good work. I’ll be back next year.