David Price @ Art First

So apparently Eastcastle street is the new Vyner street. The cutting edge is undergoing an exodus back into central London, which says something about how much money art galleries make because retail space north of soho is ridiculously expensive.

David Price is currently showing at Art First. A gallery that shows mid to late career artists (for example richard cook who is one of my favourite landscape painters) and also some much newer artists. Price is in the nu camp. He is an interesting printmaker turned painter who creates mythological landscape compositions that are beautifully executed in delicate and detailed line work, reminiscent of masters such as Brueghel and Durer.

I really liked these works (hence the post). They appealed not only to my pre adolescent love of fantasy board games and painted tin models but equally to my mature tastes for high craft and Intellectual endeavour. What really got me going were the way the semi opaque glazes were built up, creating an effect somewhere between a watercolour and a stained glass window. A bit of a nightmare to light for the gallery owner but lovely for the observer.

“The close of the silver age” – David Price.  Runs till 23rd June.