Red Mansion Art Prize @ Royal Academy

Last thursday i popped into the private view of the Red Mansion Art Prize.

The prize is awarded to one artist from each of the leading art schools. Each artists is invited to spend some time in Beijing and then exhibit some work that is influenced by the visit.

The place was packed when I arrived. Lots of graduates. Four out of the eight artists exhibited video art, which was hard to enjoy, due to the level of noise (students) and inadequate headphones. The one video piece i did see and enjoy i found out had actually been produced by a chinese artist and was being “presented” by the artist involved. (does that count?)

I did get a chance to have a chat with the artist Alexander Ball. He’s a fantastic painter who had taken the residence as an opportunity to explore some new print based avenues in his practice. I’m really looking forward to seeing more from him. (work from him is first image)

Got a few photos, but as ever staff are always hot on the cameras. Annoying.

Yelena Popova is another painter i’d keep an eye on. She was in the New sensations exhibition last year. She produces beautifully ghostlike abstract images with the subtlest dyes, onto untreated linen.

Open till the 26th of April if you’re based central.