Katie Paterson @ Haunch of Venison

Haunch of Venison is owned by a major auction house. So if an artist is picked up by them you can be pretty sure they will be around for a while. Good news for Katie Paterson then, who has a solo exhibition at the Eastcastle street venue.

When i read the press release from her 100 Suns exhibition, i was reminded of some suspect advertising awards entries:

If anyone reading this works in advertising they will be familiar with the term “scam” whereby an agency creates fictitious work, or produces work that was never commissioned or paid for by the client. All for the sole reason of entering awards and making the agency look really creative. Pretty much everyone does it.

Anyway these are excerpts from the HOV press release about Katie’s Work:

(1) As the World Turns (2010)

Adapted record player, vinyl record of Vivaldi’s four seasons

An adapted record player that rotates in synchronisation with the earth ( one revolution per 24 hours) playing Vivaldi’s four seasons. If performed from beginning to end the record would play for four years. The movement is so slow it isn’t visible to the naked eye, yet the player is turning imperceptibility.

(3) Black firework for dark skies (2010)

Firework remains, wooden display box

A single black firework set off under dark skies, in an unannounced location. It’s charred remains are now all that exists.

(6) Dying Star Doorbel (2008)

Sensor, loudspeaker

The sound of a dying star, a tiny hum close to a middle C, played every time a visitor opens a door.

I’m sure Katie’s creative intentions are genuine, and i can understand the emotionally uplifting nature of the ideas. But when you read stuff like this, and there is little craft to back it up, it does make you wonder if you are being taken on an interstellar wild goose chase.

To sum up. The ambition of Hirst spliced with the astronomical sexiness of Professor Brian Cox.

One for the conceptualists definitely.