Linda Aloysius @ Madder 139

I visited the ever accommodating Debbie Carslaw at Madder 139 last weekend to check this exhibition out. Her gallery is situated in Whitecross street, located in the area between Old Street, Farringdon and Barbican. It had a lovely villagey feel, with lots of families and locals around. Inside the gallery Linda Alysois was showing a collection of semi-figurative sculptures that are linked to notions of female identity.

 The sculptures brought an immediate smile to my face. Their anthropomorphic forms and various titles based on slang used to describe women, gave each piece a distinct character and life of its own. What really made them special was that they had been constructed from reclaimed materials. Things that were supporting structures, seats, or walkways in a previous life (that had supported, offered comfort or been walked on) had been reincarnated into role that was metaphorically similar, in that they were representing a human condition and not a structural one.

At first glance you might think these sculptures were made to deliver the artistic equivalent of a one-liner but spend some time with them and you will discover a depth that touches on universal themes we can all relate to, be it woman or man. That’s what makes great art.

till 28th april