Karla Black @ Modern Art

I was glad to catch the last day of the Karla Black show. Last time i attempted to see her work was in Venice last year. I spent two hours circling back streets to try and find the Scottish Pavilion. I never found it. In fact i was lucky to find my way back to the hotel.

Karla is another artist that makes what i like to call Edible Art. Sculpture that has a Hansel and Gretel Charm and a sickly sweet colour palette. She is keen to stress the use of everyday commercial products as the building blocks of her work but I never get a sense of the original context of the source materials. Perhaps the romance is in the reincarnation of floor cleaners and face powders as high art, in galleries around the world.

I really want to know how these artworks are sold and shipped, due to their fragility and semi spontaneous construction in the gallery. I wouldn’t fancy trying to crate any in the current exhibition. I’m guessing she must offer some kind of after sales care package as part of it’s cost.

Physically these works are light and other worldly. Conceptually they are dense and scholarly. I like the physicality of the work  but feel uncomfortable in it’s presence. It’s art that only seems to have a place in a museum. It’s funny how i’m more skeptical of “art for everyone”,  than art “for those that can afford it”.