Carlos Noronha Feio @ IMT Gallery

I’d spent all week working on weedkiller and had come to the conclusion that the best way to sell it was too construct a nuclear cloud out of pressed dead weeds. (don’t ask)

Then, on the thursday when i was walking home from a few private views in shoreditch, i spotted some people hanging around in a space i had never seen before. Like any self respecting enthusiast that indulges their passion thoroughly, i popped in uninvited for a quick look. And there it was: A series of collages based on catalogued plant forms, made out of pictures of nuclear explosions. I nearly dropped my ice cold free beer. A lovely lady called Lindsay Friend talked me through the work, and i have to say i was impressed.

Fate might suggest that i should have purchased some of this work. I didn’t. I may live to regret it but i’m a believer that any art i buy i shouldn’t be able to make myself. Obviously this artist had a more profound message than my rudimentary commercial conceptualisations, but the honest truth is i could have probably achieved a similar result with photoshop and a google image search.

Till April 8th:  Go and visit.  It was lovely