Phillip Lai @ Modern Art

Phillip Lai offered up the artistic equivalent of a crazy golf course at Modern Art recently.

The gallery windows were whited out, and on arrival in it’s regular reception area we were directed to enter the gallery from the tradesman’s entrance at the back of the gallery. I got pretty excited by this as i love a bit of a treasure hunt.

So we rang the bell and entered from a plain black door.

This is normally the lower gallery, which this time served as a corridor.

We encountered this bit of pipe on the way which was quite interesting.

But then that was pretty much it.

You walked into the next room and got a tantalising view of the front entrance from a tiny side window. There were also a couple of what seemed to be unrelated artworks on show, a projection and a constructed stage.

Definite Anti – climax. I’m all for playing games with gallery goers, but please make them fun.