Matt Lipps @ Josh Lilley

Appropriation. They call them Mash ups now. Not a millisecond goes by now without a member of the public uploading one to youtube, or icanhascheesburger or whatever website.  Everyman and his dog is now equipped with i-movie and photoshop and by god nothing will stop them humorously re-editing a hollywood film or dubbing someones home movie of a kitten to a Rick Astley song.

I’m of the opinion that Steve jobs has got a lot to answer for.

Right, anyway.

Appropriation worked brilliantly well for Warhol and Hamilton. But now the serious contemporary artist has to approach the technique of appropriation quite carefully. It’s normally under the guise of art history or cultural preservation. They carefully select, refashion and recycle their source imagery to create what seems to be an entirely new artwork with enough of a nod to the original to suggest academic endeavour. For example: William Daniels. (Abstract paintings of hand built models of famous paintings) or Glenn Brown (paintings of photographs of famous paintings, re painted in the style of another famous painter).

In Matt Lipps case, it’s photographs of 3 dimensional sculpture collages of old photos. (one step further then blake?)

I have to say i quite like them.

This exhibition finished Feb 17th. So don’t go and see it you’ll only be disappointed. Although by now there will probably be another exhibition installed at Josh Lilley, so maybe you won’t, they seem to have a lot of good ones.