Catherine Yass @ Alison Jacques

Catherine Yass presents a collection of viewpoints of the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse, resting 5 miles from the coast of South East England. A fairly sober starting point for an artistic endeavour you might think,  but nonetheless she manages to pull off something quite interesting. Each piece presents a different angle on the lighthouse. From sea, helicopter and deep sea diver.

The photographic light boxes have a mesmerising inverted and dyed effect which made me feel uncomfortable (but in a good way). The main event though is the film, projected onto an entire wall of the gallery, (and the ceilings are high in AJ). It’s from the point of view of a diver, circling the huge leg of the lighthouse. An interesting viewpoint and one that evokes quite a few emotions. Fear, curiosity and voyeurism all surface  when watching it. The scale really adds to it’s emotional impact.

This artist has managed to make even the most boring of subjects feel unusually exciting.