Florian Roithmayr @ MOT International

A distinctly nautical theme to this exhibition. I loved the materials in use, lots of formed plastic, industrial coverings, non slip rubber and foam artifice and unnatural colours. Strangely i felt quite at home. I had this weird feeling that it might not be long until i got wet. A bit like when you are little and walk into the swimming pool changing room. There was a certain eery topicality to the show with the recent cruise ship disaster which probably happened just as it opened. i do wonder if that had any affect on the way the work was presented.

I have to be honest and say i have no idea what it was all about.  The essay supplied, in typically poetic fashion, failed to provide any clarity. In the end the materials, shapes, visual sensations and emotional responses i experienced from the work were enough to engage the brain and give me some feelings i don’t normally experience. (and a strange sense of deja vu )

You can’t ask for much more than that in a free exhibition.