James Ferris @ Limoncello

The concept was simple. 100 works. The first piece goes for £1, the last £100 and the works increase in cost in the order they are sold. When i’d got there he’d sold 61, but this was two weeks after the opening night.The policy was to take the work off the wall once it had been sold. So in reality i probably didn’t get to see the best works, as no doubt they had been snapped up. But what was left i still quite liked. I was almost tempted to buy a few myself (£189 for three works is a bargain by anyones standard), but i abstained (these are tough economic times.)

It was a nice idea and i  like the homely setting of the Limoncello gallery, they’re always really friendly,

Personally i think they should have kept the work up after it was sold.  But who am i to stand the way of such resolutely conceptual art.

until 25th Feb (if there’s anything left to look at)