Steve Bishop @ Supplement

Sometimes you walk into a gallery and very quickly realise that an artist has, in young person terms, “got his shit locked down”. This exhibition exudes confidence. Not in an arrogant way, in a beautifully formed way.

Firstly, there are his exposed domestic cubbyholes in the gallery, piled high with householdy ephemera. It’s almost as if behind the rest of the white cube is an old junk filled house that has been covered up by the pristine white plasterboard. A shorthand version of what Mike Nelson does, but just as good.

The other works that stood out for me were his t-shirt / mercury sculptures. He has squished some custom printed t-shirts into square glass vials and then poured mercury into them, sealing them off. Sounds like a health and safety nightmare. Without knowing you could mistake these works for paintings, those of an accomplished abstract artist who has spent years toiling in the studio to produce a canvas of such visual magnitude.

I don’t know how long it took Steve Bishop to conceive and execute these works in reality, but i like to think he didn’t labour over them. This sort of confident execution and lightness of touch makes me want to back an artist. One to watch.

Until March 11th.  I recommend you go see this one