Renee So @ Kate Macgarry

I have seen Renee’s sculptures before and although intriguing, i never really got them. But her new Exhibition at Kate Mcgarry made me a little bit excited, which is always a nice feeing in an art gallery.

Renee’s work has always been based on historical artifact, but now she has expanded these fantastical stories onto hand woven, knitted wool canvases. (So like paintings but with wool. Woolaintings? )
The skill with which she has put them together is incredible and makes the work covetable.
Variations in tone where the wool is refreshed and the odd nick where a little mistake is rectified give the work a soul and help blur the lines between historical, ancient, postmodern and brand new.
I also think the canvas formats also give renee more opportunity to add narrative to her work.

I thought the Woolaintings were great. The sculptures i am still getting my head around.