Future map 11.

I didn’t think the work was as good as last year.

There was some good fashion stuff, I especially liked Kat marks’s egyptian / Battle Star Galactica neck bibs.

Art wise these are my two picks :

Poppy Bisdee

uncannily realistic recreation of the room you stood in, projected onto one of the walls, and made using some sort of water filled clear plastic box and some acetate photos. Charming.




Nathan Murphy

Thin metal sculptures are nothing new, I think I’ve seen them a few times. but the positioning of these ones made them interesting. One was positioned in a corridor and it was so slight that I didn’t even notice I was walking through it the first time. Ninja sculpture.

The Zabludowicz collection is a really nice place. I went on a Friday afternoon. Everyone was friendly, they have an nice cafe area and a library which is stocked with pretty much every contemporary art book ever written. I could have stayed and browsed all day.