Too complicated for you.


Tucked away behind a high rise estate, Greengrassi is a tricky to find gallery.
Almost as if it’s hard to find on purpose.
And that sets up a wonky analogy for the work I found inside.

Tomma Abbts presents a selection of work not a million miles from the paintings that won the Turner Prize: Carefully composed, graphic stunt canvases.
Tight craft elevates these sober, precise abstracts to something more alive.
I really like the varying depths the paint was applied to dynamic effect and the geometrically severed canvases, as if she had gone to B&Q and had them cut at the wood counter
They feel like the paintings Mondrian would have made, had he had access to acid.

When asked an opinion the other half described them as “more shit art”.
I didn’t bother trying to persuade otherwise.
That’s the point of these paintings, they’re designed to take the intellectual high ground.
They are far too superior to try and make people like them.
Not everyone can pull that off mind. Luckily for Tomma she’s got the brush skills.