Gert & Uwe Tobias

26 Nov 2011 – 15th January 2012

Maureen Paley


If i had a brother who wanted to draw with me i would have told
him to get his own crayons, but then i am an only child.

Gert & Uwe don’t seem to have a problem getting on.
(i have no idea they probably hate each other)

Surrealism features heavily in their work, and there is a strong graphic, streak running through out the work especially the collages, some of it wouldn’t be out of place in a wanky design tumblr.

These two are accomplished craftsmen and although their thing is a
overt nod to folklore and mysticism, luckily the gallery doesn’t bang on
about it too much leaving you to decipher the work yourself.

I really like their pottery and the collages and the large scale woodblock prints.

(but you’re stuck with 2 pics of the small canvases as my batteries ran out)

and the Maureen Paley Gallery is impressive, I’ve never been before.